Monday, March 7, 2011

Small Screen Weddings

Some shots of my favorite after-school tv wedding specials:

Aunt Becky & Uncle Jesse...killer puffy sleeves and veil

Homer & Marge

Zack & Kelly's Vegas wedding....

...which was convenient for Jessi, who was working down the street at the Cheetah

Donna & David's wedding. Donna's dress emphasizes her botched boob job a little too much, and I'll never understand why Dylan was chosen as best man over Steve, but this was a classic way to say goodbye to the series.

Chandler & Monica, Friends; probably my all-time favorite wedding episode.

Charlotte & Harry, Sex & the City

Grace & Leo..Will & Grace was starting to suck at this point, but their little rendition of Human League on the roof of the hotel was cute, and Grace looked really pretty

Just a great still from a classic episode of Friends

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