Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sugar Rush

My sister is going to call me boring when she sees this, but there is something about a traditional white wedding cake that I adore.

I know, cake designers and bakers are capable of doing practically anything these days, but I really like the idea of a traditional and elegant cake. Also, I'm not big on fondant, and prefer something with a smooth buttercream finish rather than a fondant shell. Here are some cute ones I saved from Martha Stewart Weddings (except for the last one, which is from Sweet Sweets).

I've loved the idea of mini-cakes since I first heard about it 10 years ago while preparing for my sisters wedding.
Yum-o, chocolate and vanilla dessert table

I love how these tiers look like hats/hat boxes. This is pretty specific to that candy buffet theme though, and doesn't seem like it would work at just any wedding.

Love layers. In my opinion, they're more interesting and grand then one stand alone cake.

Not really crazy about this Damask cake, but figured I should put at least one colorful example on here.
Red, white and chocolate Damask cake.

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  1. i fell asleep halfway thru. j/k. i like the four cakes right above the "colorful" blue one. And of course, the last cake :)