Thursday, February 3, 2011



My fiance originally suggested a classic 2 seater for our getaway car. I think limos are a little overrated, so I was intrigued. My dream car as a child was a red corvette (maybe because of the constant Prince playing from my sister, maybe because of Barbie's pink version), so my dad started buying me models of corvettes, as well as a huge fact book of every model from the past few decades (I may have briefly been the son my dad never had lol). It was then when it changed from a red corvette to a '69 stingray. Google image it, it's really beautiful. It's safe to say I love the classic car idea. My sister (who should now just be dubbed the Wedding Planner) suggested an old pickup truck, which at the time, I thought could maybe be cute, but could also be kinda farmer-ish, which really didn't go with my plan! Well, I stand corrected. Look at that 1962 Chevrolet Blue Pickup...

A girl can dream, can't she?

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