Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mendhi Motifs

My mom came in with these flowers she clipped from our backyard that happen to match my Mendhi color palette.

I was never that into hot pink but I feel like going the pink route rather than red (plus the minor color accents on my mendhi outfit are hot pink and royal purple). While walking around Artesia a few weeks ago, my mom and I randomly stopped in at Cottage Art, a store that sells Indian novelties, cushions, furnishings, decorations, scarves, etc. We were enticed by the window display (pictured below) and thought we would find some great treasures for my mendhi.

My mendhi, which we decided would be held at home, has hopped around from inside to outside, our large entry hall vs. the living room, or a tented backyard vs. a canopy. As of now, it will definitely be in the backyard, but we haven't decided if we need a canopy or not. We ended up buying the draped-miniature canopy from the window display to use for the stage, so I think a large canopy on top would be redundant. On top of that, I'm thinking of lots of lanterns, throw pillows, large cushions and lights. I was at South Coast Plaza the other day, and passed underneath this blanket of lights they have, and thought something like this would be a beautiful and festive solution to decorating our backyard.

(South coast pictures via flickr)

I love twinkle lights!

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